Come back soon...


  1. Heidi was my beautiful, talented niece. I think of her everyday and my heart is having a very hard time accepting her passing. She was a wonderful example to our children (her cousins) and all of us. We love Heidi and look forward to seeing her again and being with her for Eternity. With love, Aunt Sharon

  2. Heidi was my best friend!! I just miss miss her so much. I was listening to Pandora today while I was running (she always wanted me to go running with her but I was too chicken, so now I'm running) and Pretty Girl Rock came on!! We LOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDD that song. We would walk around campus singing it, we didn't care who saw us rocking out to our own version of that song! Once I heard it she instantly popped into my head and I amped up my run!! Once the song was finished I just had to stop for a moment and laugh/cry. I miss her so much!

  3. Heidi was in my kindergarten class. She was so cute...freckles across her nose. She loved her family. She told me that Erin was her best friend. After eighteen years of teaching I do not remember everyone but I remember Heidi Greenwood. I remember the ice storm that year. Heidi came back to school talking about how much fun she had camping in the living room with the whole family. She was such a joy.

    1. Mrs. Hayes, This was such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing that memory. It was meant a great deal to us. Heidi loved you. Thanks for being so good to her. You have no idea what your words do to lift us and keep her memory alive.