Heidi Run questions asked for an article in the Placer Herald to Run Feb. 6, 2014

1.     When did the idea of a run for Heidi originate?
Last summer around graduation time I was talking with my friend Ali Murphy about Heidi not getting to go to college and how I would like to start a scholarship fund in her name.  Ali suggested a run to generate funds to keep the scholarship funded.  She said she had friends and a sister-in-law that helped start the Run Rocklin in Memory of Matthew Redding and what a success that run has been. She offered to help me get it going.  Once we mentioned it to others we had a great team of friends willing to help make the run a reality.

2.     Who thought of the idea?
Ali  Murphy, my friend

3.     What distances will the run offer?
5K and a one-mile fun run

4.     Why was the William Jessup location chosen?
Once we decided to do the run we thought of how much Heidi preferred XC over track and how it would be great to have a run on a trail that she had frequently ran on. Parker Daniels, the XC coach at William Jessup was on board and excited to support it when my friend Sheila Hall approached him to ask him about it. 

5.     Why was “Chasing the Sun” motto chosen?
We were trying to decide on a name for the run and I loved the song “Chasing the Sun” by Sara Bareilles.  Every-time I heard the lyrics I would think of Heidi.  Two of my friends had introduced me to the song because they thought of Heidi every-time they heard it.  We wanted a catchy name like Run Rocklin and we wanted it to be fitting of Heidi.  The name “Chasing the Sun, Heidi Run” just felt perfect.  The song is set in a cemetery with the voices from the past reminding us to keep Chasing the Sun and live like we are still alive and to keep trying.  I feel like that is what Heidi is saying to us.  My favorite line is “so fill up your lungs and just run”.
Also, runners are often chasing the sun out on the horizon and they just keep going and never actually reach the sun.   
“You said, remember that life is

Not meant to be wasted

We can always be chasing the sun!

So fill up your lungs and just run

Always be chasing the sun!

All we can do is try

And live like were still alive!”
Chorus of Chasing the Sun by Sara Bareilles

6.     Who is invited to participate in the run?
Anyone is invited to run in the race.  We are hoping to have beginners that are trying to get in shape and make changes in their life.  I know Heidi has inspired some people in the community to do just that.  We hope to have experienced runners that look at this as a competition.  We hope to have friends and loved ones of Heidi out on the course running and walking and thinking about her and what an impact she has had on their life.  There will be people that never even knew her but will soon become familiar with what a great girl she was.

7.     Are any high school running teams participating as a team? We have had a lot of support from both the Rocklin and Whitney XC and Track teams.  Coaches Pereira and Eckman from Rocklin have helped promote and encourage the runners to come out in their Heidi shirts and run.  I got a call from the Whitney Soccer Coach and she said they were planning to support the run as well and she was encouraging other teams to join in.  At Heidi’s passing there were many games, dance performances, races all in her honor and there were even teams attending her funeral in uniform because they were between games.  We have felt a lot of support from both schools and even Del Oro. 

8.     Why was February chosen?We really wanted the race on the Saturday closest to her March 2nd birthday but Track season begins on March 1st with meets and we wanted the runners at Whitney and Rocklin to be able to attend the race without a conflict.  We decided on Presidents day because it was available with no sport conflicts.  We think it is a good activity to do on a day off from school. 

9.     Why should people participate in the run? We think it will be a fun event with a great sense of community.  We also want it to be a celebration of Heidi.  March 22nd it will be one year since she passed away and this run is helping her family and friends through this difficult year marker.  It is a great way to invest in the running community by helping to fund scholarships to Rocklin runners.  Runners don’t always get as much attention and scholarships offered as other sports like football, basketball, soccer and such so we want the runners to get the support and attention.

10.  Are there any post-race activities for participants?
We are excited that the finish-line will have a live band playing.  My friend, Mike Cahoon, is in a band called The 302’s.  It is 4 FBI agents! The 302’s have been awesome to offer to come and help make it a party atmosphere. 
The finish line will have Krispy Kreme donuts, Mr. Pickle Sandwiches, and The Pizza Place pizza.  Food alone at finish will make it a party!

11.  Has the race gained any sponsorships?
We have had overwhelming support.  Here are our sponsors and we hope that the community supports them.  What is neat is most all our sponsors have a relationship with Heidi.

Scandia Fun-Center is our lead sponsor and Heidi was the babysitter for owner Steve Baddley’s family.  Scandia is donating a VIP wristband to every race packet.  It is a $20 value. 
Golfland- SunSplash where Heidi was a life guard for 2 years.
Prime-Wok where Heidi loved to eat.
Alexander-Martin orthodontist, very close family friends and our orthodontist
Aloha Endodontics , Heidi cleaned the office with her sisters, and family friends
Liz Hunter, Keller Williams Realtor, been very generous to our family
Rocklin Family Practice and Sports Medicine: Dr. Harris, Dr. Ooi, and Dr. Chima, Heidi’s doctor’s office
Nemecorp Silk Screeners, silk screener for Heidi’s uncles business is supplying the shirts at cost.
Scott Yuill State Farm Agent
The Dailey Method, will be raffling a valuable gift bag
Strikes Bowling- raffle
Katie Hughes Photography: Katie is the photographer that took all the beautiful senior photos of Heidi that are professionally done.  We are grateful to have them. Katie is offering a gift bag for the raffle.
CX Fitness – cards in race packets
Crunch- cards in race packets
Steiber’s Sweet Shoppe in The Fountains will be the location for race packet pick up
Paul Martin’s American Grill: each runner will get a $10 gift card in their race packet
Mr. Pickle will be supplying sandwiches at finish line for runners
The Pizza Place will be supplying pizza for runners at finish line
Safeway is furnishing water at the finish line.

12.  Are any volunteers needed? If so, for what tasks? We will have volunteers from the William Jessup XC team, friends in the community and people from Heidi’s church.  We have lots of volunteers but people are welcome to email me if interested at

13.  When and how did the Heidi running scholarships start up? 2014 Graduation will be the first scholarships to Rocklin High and Whitney High XC runners planning to attend further education through the assist-a grade programs at both schools.  There will be 2 scholarships offered at each high school.

14.  Is the “student” registration only for RUSD or high school students? No, any students.  We have a 15-passenger van coming from Utah with Heidi’s friends and family attending different universities and they are students.

15.  Are there any age group awards for the run?
Age groups: Both girls (women for older)/ boys (men for older)
8 and under
60 and up

16.  Do other members of the Greenwood family like to run as much as Heidi did?
Heidi’s sister Erin is a fantastic runner as well.  She made it to the State Meet this past year and feels like Heidi is with her when she runs. 
Running is a big part of our family.  We all like to run and exercise.

17.  What about Heidi’s running really inspires or amazes you? When Heidi was having some health issues her senior year of XC we were in and out of the Drs. Office.  In hind sight we now know it was small blood clots due to a family genetic blood disorder that we have discovered since she passed away.  While she was running cross-country her senior year she went from being number 1 on the team to not even top 7 due to the health problems that we couldn’t figure out.  She was embarrassed and cried about it but she kept running and trying her best.  One of my saddest but proudest moments of her life was watching her run in league finals at William Jessup and watching her run as hard as she could and doing so poorly.  Several of us stood and watched her with tears in our eyes.  I was proud of her determination to keep going and keep her head up but it was frustrating and sad to not understand what was happening to her running.

18.  How and when did Heidi begin running? When Heidi was in Kindergarten we used to go on family runs and she would lead the family.  We called her our energizer bunny because she just kept going and going.  That is when she started running but ran her first half marathon at age 14 and took 3rd place in her age bracket at the Country Music Half marathon in Memphis Tennessee. 

19.  Why did Heidi focus on running among other sports? Heidi used to play soccer on a competitive team and enjoyed it but once she started running in High School she decided XC was her love and her sport.  She was good at it and loved it.

20.  Will Heidi shirts be sold at the race?
There will be some FAITH, HOPE, HEIDI shirts available for purchase.  We have another shirt for The Chasing the Sun, Heidi Run race and people are encouraged to purchase those on the registration web site prior to the race. There will be very few of those available on race day.

21.  The Heidi shirts are beautiful! Who designed them?
The FAITH, HOPE, HEIDI shirts were designed by  They were designed for my RAGNAR team that ran in a 200-mile relay in her honor at the 6 month anniversary of her passing away.  I love seeing those shirts worn around the community and throughout the world.  My brother works for the Olympics and he and his wife plan to wear their shirts at future Olympics and I plan to put those pictures on her blog.  I encourage people to send me photos of them in various races and places for me to post on her blog.  It is fun to see her shirts everywhere.  My friend was in southern Utah last fall and ran into my sister-in-law at a hotel wearing the FAITH, HOPE, HEIDI shirt!

22.  Does the entry fee include the same Heidi shirts that people may order if they do not want to run? Every 5K runner gets a shirt.  There is a place on the registration page to order the shirt.

23.  Why do you encourage families or individuals to participate? It will be a low key, family friendly atmosphere with a strong sense of community and many will be sporting a purple shirt in honor of Heidi

24.  Are strollers allowed on the course?
Yes but we ask them to be in the back of the group so as to not interfere with the serious runners.

25.  Is the race chip-timed?

26.  When is the deadline for businesses to become sponsors?
It is too late to sponsor by the time this is in print.

27.  Best contact information if people have questions about the race?
Paige Greenwood

28.  How many people have signed up at this point?
210 as of today

29.  How are you promoting the race?
Flyers, emails, Facebook, word of mouth, banners, signs in our sponsors windows and now Placer Herald.

30.  Is there anything people should be mindful of for this race? (i.e. wearing purple for running or bringing purple ribbons)
Wearing purple is suggested!  We hope to see a sea of purple!

31.  Is there a fund still open for donations? If so, will it be at the run?
If someone wants to donate there is a spot on the registration website but it doesn’t allow them to unless they register for the run.  They don’t need to actually run but that is a way they can access it and they would still get a shirt and running packet with goodies in it.

32.  Anything in particular you’d like to mention?
We would like to thank everyone for the love and support we have felt this past year.  It has been a very difficult year for our family and we feel so much love and support from the Rocklin Community, Our Church Community, and friends and family throughout the world.  Thank for all the love and prayers you send our way. - Death-of-Rocklin-High-track-star-stuns-students

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