Meaningful Moments

Good Morning Mom!
So this morning I walked out my front door and in the flower pot full of ivy at the very top was this pretty purple/pink morning glory greeting me.  My first thought was, "Heidi is saying Good Morning".  I didn't say it out loud because I sometimes feel like I talk about her too much.  However, our friend Mark was standing there to pick Rachel up for school and he said, "Look,  it's purple and it's Heidi saying, "Good Morning" to you!" Of course, I started to cry and thanked him for saying what I had already thought.  I love these tender moments when I feel her reaching out to touch me.  Some might say that the flower was just there by chance but that isn't how I choose to see that beautiful flower randomly in my ivy.


  1. how many beautiful moments we miss, tender mercies and miracles by saying it was "just by chance".....I too BELIEVE! Love you!

  2. It sounds like something Heidi would have done for you, mom! We miss her so!